Wooden table set fitted with a DC trembler bell and calling key.  The Telephone No. 22 is similar except is has an upper gallery to make it more ornate.

Made by Ericsson as their model BC2050.

Thought to be introduced around 1896 and intended for use in hotels, offices and private systems only.

The GPO Stores Rate Book 1928 & 1933 advises that this telephone was used on the L.C.C. Fire alarm system and Salvage Corps circuits.

Early table telephones were connected to the internal wiring with a Strip, Flexible Cord Connection.  Click here for more information.

This telephone was not available in the 1946 Rate Book.

The Handset was a Telephone No. 28.

Similar to the Telephone No. 26.

Circuit diagram No. N120.

Telephone includes (1933):-
1 Coil, Induction, No. 1.
1 Strip, flex, Cord Conn., 6 terminal.
1 Cord, Inst., No. 602.
1 Telephone No. 28.


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Last revised: November 17, 2021