Emergency button [C.B. (manual) areas only]

These were used on Manual C.B. exchanges to prioritise emergency calls from Kiosks.

Press Button fitted to the post 1936 A&B installations
A Label No. 231 and Press-button G, Brass, with Watertight Barrel will be provided in the Frame, Notice, No. 31, on the upper part of the wallboard.  A suitable hole to take the barrel of the press-button and two 1 in. starting holes for the fixing screws are already drilled in the correct position in the wallboard.  To conform to the general colour scheme of the layout, a cap with the Rate Book title Part No. 1/SCA/1 is fitted over the press-button to cover up the brass flange. Part No. 1/SCA/1 includes two Screws for Wood, Brass, Rd. Hd., 1 in., Size 4.

Method of securing the press-button, cap and emergency label in post 1936 installations
Remove the Frame, Notice, No. 31 and recover the glass completely (the glass is not required where the emergency button is fitted). Label No. 231 should then be placed in position, and the press-button passed through the hole in the label and the corresponding hole in the wallboard. The cap should then be placed over the flange on the press-button and the whole secured by means of the two screws supplied with the cap. The frame should then be replaced.

The picture below shows a Pre 1936 installation

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Last revised: January 01, 2018