Label No. 231

This is an engraved label that is fitted in Telephone call offices in CB areas.

It is located in the Frame, Notice, No. 31 and has a Press Button G fitted centrally.

Cellulose Acetate laminated sheet 1/8" thick, black on white with a polished finish.

Engraved white characters on a black background.

Part No. 1/SCA/1 is fitted over the press-button to cover up the brass flange.  Part No. 1/SCA/1 includes two Screws for Wood, Brass, Rd. Hd., 1 in., Size 4.

Drawing No. 60880.

Engraving 8B1 = 22 point.
Engraving 10B1 = 16 point.

Drawing No. 60880

Label No. 231


Part 1/SCA/1

Label No. 231 with press button in place


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Last revised: December 14, 2021