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Make Morris
Model KNC
Type Platform Elevating No. 2
Body Builder Simon Model 1G 40
Use Platform Elevating
Registration Number UXH 972
Fleet Numbers 17791 to 17799 (UXH 972) 1957
Date of picture 1958

This is a 5 ton long wheelbase vehicle with the turntable directly mounted on the chassis.
All movements of the platform can be controlled from the basket and this is
achieved by pedals for the for raising or lowering and a knee operated rotation control.

The cost of the elevating platform without the vehicle was approximately 2000.

N 3015
Issue 1, 30.7.68

Platforms, Elevating, No. 2 (Simon Model 1G 40)

1. Application
For overhead maintenance, tree cutting etc.

2. General description
This device, winch is mounted on a 5 ton, long wheelbase chassis, consists of a lower and upper boom with working platform which is mounted on a turntable.  The turntable is mounted directly on the vehicle chassis.  Hydraulically operated spring lock-out jacks lock the superstructure firmly to the chassis. Four manually operated stabilizer jacks are also provided.

The machine is operated hydraulically, power being provided by an auxiliary engine driving a hydraulic pump.  All movements of the platform are controlled from the platform itself by means of pedals for raising or lowering and a knee operated rotation control leaving the operators hands free for his work. Duplicate controls are provided on the turntable.

The machine provides a range of movement giving the operator a maximum working height of approximately 40 ft. and a maximum working radius of approximately 25 ft.  The turn table can rotate continuously in either direction.  A number of safety devices are built into the machine covering failure of motor or together with a cut-out stop should the platform descend on a solid obstruction.  This model is now obsolescent.  For details of the current model see N 3014.

3. Related instructions
Mechanical aids, control and maintenance... A 1020
P.O. Motor transport, speed limits... .Vehicles, 1) 0022
Inspecting and testing for safety TESTS & INSPECTIONS, Routine, Q 3015.

4. Capacity
The platform has a safe working load of 275 lb. when standing on hard level ground without the use of the stabilizing jacks.  The maximum safe working load with the jacks in use is 750 lb.

On soft or sloping ground the stabilizing jacks must be used.

The vehicle springs must always be locked when the platform is in use.

5. Approximate dimensions (with booms in travelling position)
Length   27 ft. 3 in.
Width    7 ft. 10 in.
Height   10 ft. 9 in.

6. Weight
5 tons 14 cwt. unladen.

NOTE:- These dimensions will vary, depending upon the chassis.

References:- A 1020, N 3014
(TDS.3.2) Vehicles, D 0022

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