GPO Vehicles

Make Karrier
Model QXM73A
Type 2 ton Wagon with Crew-cab
Body Builder Duple with a Simon Platform
Use Utility with turntable ladder
Registration Number PGO 846
Fleet Number 17137 (PGO 846) 1954
Date of picture April 1955

Probably a prototype




For use on tree-trimming operations, aerial cable maintenance and other overhead works.

General description
The ladder is mounted on the roof of a box bodied vehicle and is reached from the interior of the van by means of a short access ladder and a sliding roof panel. The rear doors may be held open at 90 by means of a hook stay or folded back along the sides of the vehicle. A towing coupling is provided for light and heavy trailers and vacuum braking is fitted. The same cab facilities as the 2 ton General Utility are provided. The Aluminium alloy turntable ladder is mounted on a channel section steel ring above the roof over the rear wheels, and rotates within this ring on rollers. A hand brake is provided to hold the ladder in any position of the full circle. The ladder is elevated by two hydraulic rams actuated by a two-stage hand pump. The double extension ladder is extended and retracted by means of a windlass and a gravity operated catch is raised by means of a sash line. A working platform is fixed at the end of the extension ladder and is positioned by a quadrant on each side fixed by handwheels. The platform has an eye through which a safety belt may be passed and a tray for holding small tools temporarily is provided. The ladder is rotated by pulling on a sash line fixed to an upper rung and passing over the stile to the ground.

Length 20 ft. 6 in.
Width 7 ft. 6 in.
Height 12 ft. 3 in.

4 tons 6 cwt. (Unladen.)

The stores carrying capacity of the vehicle is limited to 25 cwt. (exclusive of driver and passengers). The ladder should be used by one man at a time only. (Max. S.W.L. 2 cwt.)

Capital cost

The speed of the vehicle is limited to 20 m.p.h. when towing trailers with a G.M.L. in excess of 45 cwt. the vacuum braking system must be used. The vehicle must not be driven with the rear doors open.

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