GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model Oxford Mk V Traveller (Grey)
Type Special Regional Radio Investigation Vehicle, Type 2 (Morris)
Body Builder  
Use Radio Interference Vehicle
Registration Number 902 CXY
Fleet Number 18392 to 18934 (901 - 903 CXY) 1961
Date of picture 1962

B 1202
Issue 1, 9.8.63

Special Regional Radio Investigation Vehicle, Type 2 (Morris)

1. General
This Instruction describes the special Regional Radio Investigation Vehicle, Type 2 (Morris) and the facilities which it provides.  It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Eng. Dept. and Regional Headquarters Radio Investigation duties for which long journeys are very frequently necessary.  The Type 2 (Morris) supersedes the Special Radio Investigation Vehicle (Hillman) (B 1201 refers).  It will be supplied for use on the aforementioned duties only.


2. Description
A general view of the vehicle is shown above.  It is a General Purpose Car, Type 2 (Morris) modified to include an apparatus table, aerial fixtures and a battery tray.  The General Purpose Car, Type 2 (Morris) is described in B 1301.

3. Aerials
Three aerial mountings are arranged along the centre line of the vehicle roof.  The forward aerial mounting accommodates a business radio aerial. The centre mounting is for a direction finding aerial or short support mast for a light aerial array.  The rear mounting takes a standard rod type aerial.  An Aerial-unit No. 17/1, if required, maybe substituted locally for the rear mounting.  Clips are provided to facilitate the running of the aerial feeder cables from the front and rear aerial mountings to the operating position.

4. Apparatus table
A detachable apparatus table is supported above the rear off-side passenger seat.  The table is supported on a batten fixed to the rear off-side door and by two hinged stays.  One stay foot locates in a fitting on the door and the other is held in a similar fitting on the seat valance.  Two turn buttons secure the table in position.  Webbing straps anchored to the underside of the table and equipped with a quick release buckle are for fastening apparatus to the table.

The rear off-side door must be kept locked while the table is in position.

5. Battery tray
A detachable open-topped battery tray approximately 13 in. long x8.75 in. wide 4 in. deep is located on the floor behind the driver's seat.

6. Seating
If the table and battery tray are removed the seating capacity of the vehicle is the same as the General Purpose Car.  With the table and battery tray in position seating for three persons including the driver is available.

7. Circulation of demands
As this type of vehicle is regarded as non-standard, demands for it should be submitted via the Eng. Dept. (Cn3/3).

8. Other features
In all other respects this vehicle is identical with the General Purpose Car, Type 2 (Morris).

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