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For general handling of heavy or bulky stores at depots or in the field. May also be used for pole erection or recovery work.

General description
The crane is a hydraulically-operated non-slewing type mounted on a 4 wheel drive chassis. The unit is powered by a 24-h.p. petrol engine and has 5 forward gears and a reverse gear. No winch ropes or cables are used, the lifting hook being directly attached to the jib in one of three positions depending upon the maximum load to be raised. The jib is raised and lowered by hydraulic rams driven from the vehicle engine. The crane controls are operated from the driving cab of the appliance. A safety valve is incorporated in the hydraulic system which renders the crane inoperative and issues an audible warning when the crane is overloaded. Overhead working platforms for attachment to the jib can be supplied.


1. max. lift 2 tons with max. outreach 7 ft. 3 in. height 16 ft. 6 in.
2. max. lift l.5 tons with max. outreach 8 ft. 8 in. height 17 ft.
3. max. lift 1 ton with max. outreach 10 ft. 2 in. height 17 ft. 6 in.

The lowest position of the jib is5 ft. 3 in. above ground level. Maximum height 19 ft. 0 in.

Overall length of vehicle 16 ft. 6.5 in. and crane (jib lowered) 27 ft. 2 in.
Width 6 ft. 64 in.
Height (jib lowered) 8 ft. 8 in.

3 tons 16 cwt.

Maximum speed allowed on public roads 20 mph.

Capital cost

The vehicle has to be positioned so that the crane faces the load. A towing hitch is provided but towing is restricted to P.O. premises. Towing must not be undertaken on the public highway.

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Last revised: February 02, 2021