t063.jpg (6202 bytes)Wall type Central Battery telephone for use in hotels.

Telephone No.63 was used by GPO and was supplied by Western Electric, their type 130A.  It had a single wire from the transmitter, the other side of the transmitter being connected to the frame.  Western Electric later changed the telephone so the transmitter was connected by two wires and it became model type 1130A.

It was used in conjunction with a Bellset No. 11 (Western Electric type 131A and later type 1131A) which had no gongs, the clapper of the ringer beat against two tabs on the inside of the case to make a noise.

Telephone includes (1928):-
1 x Receiver, Bell No. 1A.

Bell Set No. 11 to be requisitioned separately.

Circuit Diagram - N.T. 9400.

Circuit Diagram - N163.

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