Siemens Brother 322
Table set with dial and hand generator.  Steel casing with a Bakelite handset, rotating switch and indicator.

This is similar to the No. 332 but the No. 322 also has the additional switch and indicator.

The phone was used as a Plan 7 master phone.  An extension would be fitted and this would be called by use of the hand generator.  The indicator would show when the extension is using the line.  The No. 332 could well be used as the extension phone.

Known as a Corporation set as it is shaped like many similar phones supplied to the large municipalities of the day (i.e. Glasgow Corporation).

Case removal
Single screw in base, releases base.
Unscrew generator handle anticlockwise and remove.
Inside base there are two brass screws.  Remove both screws to release outer cover.

The telephone shown below is marked EST and this stands for Egyptian State Telephones.  Similar handsets carry ESR (Egyptian State Railways).  Egypt was a British protectorate at the time, with the telecomms and railways run under British management and technical specification.




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Last revised: June 20, 2021