There are many reproduction telephones to be found in the UK.  Some are sold brand new in shops, some second hand at markets and others in auctions.  If sold and identified by the seller as a reproduction, then there is no problem as the buyer is certain as to what the purchase is.  In this case the buyer has to decide on whether the price represents fair value.

On the other hand, if the item is sold or described as the genuine article then the buyer has to ensure that the item is truly genuine.  In these pages I show pictures of reproduction phones and these are shown for identification purposes only, as they are perfectly good phones in their own right.

In every market there are good and bad traders and these pages hope to advise on what to look for when buying an piece of GPO equipment.  In all cases, I except no responsibility for any purchase you make, as these pages are for information only.  Remember - a genuine trader will show and allow you to check on the article in question.  Always look inside the phone!

Click on the link which best describes the article you wish to investigate:-

100 & 200 type pyramid style, Bakelite telephones

300 type Bakelite telephones - the big chunky ones

Wooden Telephones

Candlestick telephones

Plastic telephones

Bellsets with Bakelite covers

Conversation Pieces Reproduction Telephones

Indian Telephone Industries (ITI)

If you find that I have made a mistake on any of these pages, with my descriptions, then please advise of any amendments or corrections that should be made.


I do not give valuations!

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Last revised: July 24, 2023