Plastic cased Bellset with Tele 706 type components mounted on a printed circuit board fixed to a metal base.

The Regulator No. 1A fits in sideways and can be reversed to make it in-operative.

Fitted with a Cover No. 78A

Normally connected to a Tele No. 713 with a Mounting Dial Automatic No. 21.

Superseded by Bellset No. 50B.

Diagram - N548.

Additional Components

Additional components can be fitted within the Bellset:-

Buzzer 32A-1
Capacitor Paper, No 7712-2, Clip No. 90 fitted
on a mounting bracket Part No. 1/DBR/442
Part No. 2/DST/836 - 6 way terminal strip


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Last revised: December 02, 2018