Striping Back Telephone Cable

Lay in the cable and cleat at approximately 10 inches.  Leave at least 12 inches of spare at each end.

About 2 inches from the cut end, nibble all around the sheaf with a pair of cutters.  Do not cut in too deep.



Remove the piece of cut sheaving and expose the wires.

You will find coloured wires, a white nylon cord (right) and a cotton cord (left).


Pull the white nylon cord down the sheaving as shown and stop at the point where you wish to finish.


You may have to use a pair of pliers to grip the nylon cord if your fingers slip off.

Now pull the outer sheaving and the cotton cord backwards to release the coloured wires.
Finally cut off the sheaf, the cotton cord and the nylon cord.


Make sure that you do not cut the coloured wires.


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Last revised: April 06, 2022