The Virgin Media Digital Hub is similar in many ways to the BT Digital Hub.

On the back of the hub is an analogue socket.  This is an RJ11 socket and the line appearance is on the centre two wires.

To connect the hub to your existing house wiring buy a cord with an RJ11 plug on one end and fit a Master socket with screw terminals.

Most sockets, like the one mentioned above, require a special wire inserter tool but a company called Kenable can supply a master Line Jack Unit No. 2/4A (code no. 004629) socket which has screw terminals.  It is advisable to purchase the screw type as you will be connecting the wires from the cord to them and the inserter type connectors do not like cord wires!.  Kenable also sell cords with a BT plug on one end and an RJ11 on the other.


  1. Remove the lower part of the existing Virgin Media Master socket.
  2. It will pull out from the socket.
  3. Your house wiring is connected to the back of this plate.  Make a note of what wire goes to what numbered terminal.
  4. Now disconnect the house wiring from the front plate of the existing Virgin Media Master socket and then pull the house cable out of the socket..
  5. Fit the new Master socket next the existing Virgin Media Master socket.
  6. Connect the house cable to new Master socket and then then fit the font plate to the back box.  The cable wiring is the same as the Virgin Media Master socket.
  7. Connect your new line cord between the Virgin Media Digital Hub and the new Master socket.
  8. Refit the plate back onto the old Master socket.  This socket will never be used.

If you wish to plug a telephone into the new Master socket then you must do one of the the following modifications.

  1. Purchase a plug in doubler.
  2. Cut the BT plug off the end of the new line cord, find the two middle wires and connect these to screw terminals 2 and 5 on the back of the new Master socket.




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Last revised: March 11, 2024