The Venue Plus is a highly featured self contained press button telephone for table mounted use and has the following facilities:-
  • Keypad - Twelve number keys. (0 to 9, * and #).
  • Ten function keys.
  • Tone Caller - Incoming calls are signalled by a tone caller which has an adjustable volume control with HIGH, LOW and OFF settings.
  • Secrecy - Pressing the SECRECY button will cut off the transmission. without affecting incoming speech.
  • Last Number - Lifting the handset and pressing the REDIAL button will Redial, causing the last number dialled, to be pulsed out.
  • Memory Store - Up to 24 numbers of up to 20 digits can be stored and then can be called by using two keys.
  • Recall - Switchable, Timed Break or Earth Loop Recall.
  • Signalling - Switchable, Loop Disconnect or Multi Frequency (P or TB).
  • Timer - Starts, stops and resets the timer. Incoming and outgoing calls can be timed.
  • Monitor - On hook dialling and to monitor a call up to the point of the call being answered.
  • Liquid Crystal - The LCD can show:
    1. Display - The number being dialled.
    2. The date and time of day.
    3. The duration of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Call Barring - The Venue Plus offers six different levels of barring that will prevent certain numbers being dialled.

	Level           Type of calls barred
	0               No calls barred

	1		010	International calls
			100	Operator
			155	International operator

	2		0	Trunk calls
			010	International calls
			100	Operator
			155	International operator

	3		Three user programmable groups of up to four 
			digits (0898, 071, 9, 0800 and so on)

	4		010	International calls
			100	Operator
			155	International operator
			User	programmable groups

	5		0	Trunk calls
			010	International calls
			100	Operator
			155	International operator
			User	programmable groups

	6     		All calls barred except 999

Note: In all levels of call barring, it is possible to dial any number contained in the first three memories. If you are using your Venue Plus on a PABX with an access code that is not a 9, it is advisable to put the emergency number together with the relevant access code for your PABX in one of the first three memories.

Made by Inventa Electronics Ltd.

Venue Plus is approved under Approval number S/2981/3/F/502369 for use on DELs and PBXs in category 1,3,5,7,9 & 11.

Modifications which have not received appropriate approval must not be carried out as to do so would invalidate approval making connection unlawful.

User guides (supplied with the telephone) TPU 1274.

Customer Field Notes (Telephones). Published as necessary containing any product specific transitory information.

The Venue -Plus has a REN of 1 and is intended for use in normal Domestic or Residential locations. They are not suited f or use in bathrooms or other locations prone to damp or condensation.

Approximate overall dimensions are 215 mm x 150 mm x 60 mm, weight 720 grams.

Venue Plus telephones are supplied with a line cord terminated by a plug 431A or 432A for use in Phone Sockets.

The Signalling switch should be set on installation according to the type of exchange/PBX it is used on, i.e.:-

TB - for Digital or Modernised TXE4 exchanges and a minority of PBXs (i.e. for MF, Star Services and Timed Break Recall PBXS).
T - for the majority of modern PBXs (i.e. with MF signalling with Earth recall).
P - for unmodernised exchanges and older PBXS.

The Venue Plus telephone requires three MN1500 alkaline batteries. Alkaline AA Battery (MN1500) - Battery LR6 (BT Item Code 171431).

The telephone is designed to work at it's best with (Alkaline) batteries fitted.

Battery replacement is the responsibility of the user. This should be done at least once a year or when battery low is indicated on the LCD. Memory will be retained for five minutes during battery replacement.


Description BT Item Code
Venue Plus, Alpine White - May 1992 877964
Venue Plus, Grey - May 1992 877965

Idle - Normal Capacitor Loop test conditions via the master socket and tone caller. Venue telephones do not draw on-hook current.

Seized - When off hook the electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give high resistance telephone loop conditions as with other self contained press- button telephones.

Power Requirements.
Venue Plus telephones require three MN1500 alkaline batteries to power repertory dialler, timer and memory facilities when the handset is on-hook. Low batteries will result in the display appearing fainter as the handset is replaced and eventually (when battery voltage drops below 2.7 volts) 'BATTERY LOW' will be displayed indicating that programmed information has been lost.

Battery drain is typically 0.18 ma except when in use (i.e. off-hook, on-line) when battery drain drops to typically 0.02 ma Manually keyed out going calls may be made and incoming calls may still be received when batteries have been removed from the telephone.

Signalling details:
MF Tone signalling, tones continuous whilst button is pressed, minimum duration approx. 100 ms.
Timed Break recall, approx. 80 ms.
Earth recall, continuous whilst button is pressed up to 800ms.


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