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4 Ton General Purpose Vehicle, Prototype
(Mechanised Version)

Taken from External Plant News - No. 36 April 1975

A prototype mechanised version of the 4-ton GP Vehicle has recently been developed to carry out work in those situations where specialised high productivity vehicles, such as Pole Erection Units or Rodding and Light Cabling Vehicles cannot be used economically.

The prototype is at present on ECOPC 1 Field Trial in the Bedford Area. Two further vehicles will be put on field trial later this year for further evaluation and the final production model designed from the results of these trials.

The prototype vehicle is fitted with a power takeoff driving a triple hydraulic pump supplying power to operate an electric generator, a hydraulic powered road breaker and a capstan winch capable of a 3,000-lbf pull at a rope speed of 100 ft/min.

The 110-volt generator has a 2.5 kVA output, sufficient for powering two submersible pumps (Pumps, Water, Electric, Orange No. 2 or 3A) or any electrical equipment which will operate within the range of the generator.

The hydraulic road breaker is stowed in the right-hand rear locker together with a set of steels. Fifty feet of coaxial hydraulic hose is supplied with each breaker. This is stored on a manually-operated reel which is mounted inboard behind the stowing position of the breaker.

The winch and a rope guiding pulley are mounted on a specially designed sub-frame which is fitted to the chassis at the rear of the vehicle. Operation of the winch is controlled by a foot switch, the lead for which is plugged into a socket located below the right-hand rear locker next to the emergency stop button.

Remote control of the winch enables the operator to select the safest position during cabling operations.

Due to its limited pull of 3,000 lbs, the winch is not suitable for cable recovery.

Other functions of this vehicle, such as rodding, pole carrying, pole erection and aerial cabling, are the same as those of the non-mechanised version which was described in External Plant News No. 26 & 30.

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