GPO Vehicles

Make Leyland
Model Boxer 1000
Type 4 ton General Utility Vehicle (4 man cab)
Body Builder  
Use General Utility
Registration Number  
Fleet Number  
Date of picture Circa 1973



The new GP Vehicle (Crew Cab)
Taken from External Plant News - No. 30 October 1973

Issue No 26 of the External Plant News contained an illustrated descriptive article of the new 4 ton GU Vehicles. These were fitted with a three-man cab, but reference was made to the future versions being fitted with a four-man crew cab.

Initial issues of these vehicles are already in the field and are designated "GP Vehicles-Crew Cab"; an external view is shown above. The main differences between the types are as follows. The cab has been extended for the full width behind the front seats by approximately 39 inches. The new layout is shown in the picture below. The passenger seat on the offside of the cab is mounted on the hinged lid which covers compartments containing the vehicle battery and tools. The fourth seat has a forward view and is mounted behind the front passenger seat; back rests are fitted behind the additional seats. Extra ventilation and natural light is provided by a built-in sliding window on the offside door and a sliding window in the additional nearside door. A folding table and a light are fitted on the rear wall of the cab between the extra seats. A writing flap is proved in front of the front passenger seat, and a tray is fixed to the engine cowling between the front seats. The enlarged crew cab has reduced the body interior length by 30 inches with a resultant reduction in the racking, although the domestic unit and the clothing accommodation remain unaltered. The opening doors on the offside of the three-man cab body were originally fitted for access to the storage space behind the area reserved for the rodding reel. This feature was not pursued therefore the doors are not fitted to the crew cab vehicle.

A drop down hinged flap and a flexible weatherproof screen has replaced the built-in extension over the offside of the three-man cab. This extension allowed for covered storage of longer ladders on the top rack. The ladders will now protrude as in the case of the poles. This rearrangement has necessitated the re-siting of the rotating amber beacon to the near side of the body and the amount of external locker space below the body for carrying road lamps, etc, has also been slightly reduced.


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