GPO Vehicles

Make Ford
Model Thames 400E
Type 15 cwt Forward Control Chassis Cab
Body Builder Powertruc
Use Compressor vehicle
Registration Number 151 CXY
Fleet Number 18372 to 18374 (150 - 152 CXY) 1961
Date of picture February 1962

Ford Thames 400E chassis converted to Powertruc format with the body
mounted Ford 4D engine driving both the vehicle and the compressor.

For use where a larger number of disconnected works are in operation and scattered about an area.

General description
The unit consists of a Hydrovane rotary air compressor delivering 120 cu. ft/mm. of air at 100 lb/sq. in. on a modified Ford 15 cwt forward control chassis/cab.  The normal engine has been replaced by a Ford 592E diesel engine mounted behind the cab, which either drives the compressor or propels the vehicle.  A hand operated clutch is used to connect the engine to the compressor when the vehicle is stationary and the gearbox is in neutral.

The tools provided with the machine are 2 road breakers, 2 clay diggers, 2 backfill rammers, 1 rock drill, associated breaker steels, drill rods and air hoses.  The tools are accommodated in lockable compartments on each side of the vehicle.  Two 60 ft. lengths of 0.75 in. dia. pneumatic hose are carried on hose reels.

Length 13 ft. 7 in.
Width 5 ft. 9 in.
Height 6 ft. 6 in.

Max. permissible road speed on Pubic Highway - 40 mph.

Capital cost
1,900 approx.

Compressors Air No. 2 are now obsolescent.  Compressors Air No. 1 should be used instead.

Hoses obtainable on requisition Rate Book Section 5 (T-A). Compressor, Air, No. 2 (Powertrue Type).

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Last revised: February 06, 2021