GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model Minor Series V
Type 6 cwt
Body Builder  
Use External Maintenance
Registration Number SLP 9F
Fleet Number Ranges U234571 to U235569 (NYW 1E - 999E) 1967
U235570 to U235770 (NYV 252E - 452E) 1967
U235771 to U235820 (NYV 453E - 502E) 1967
U236448 to U236451 (SYM 664F - 667F) 1967
U236452 to U237450 (SLO 1F - 999F) 1967
U237451 to U238150 (SLP 1F - 700F) 1967
U238151 to U238947 (WLA 131G - 927G) 1968
U238948 to U239347 (WLF 255G - 654G) 1968
U239348 to U239427 (WLF 791G - 870G) 1968
U239428 to U239787 (ALT 506H to 865H) 1969
Date of picture September 1969

Last production of the Morris Minor van was in 1971.
The last batch of Morris Minors came with steering locks
The Minor van was superseded by the Morris Marina van of which the Post Office bought a few.



1967 model showing external maintenance equipment
The rods on the floor are tree rods

1968 model side view
The four lugs on the side panel are for attaching an advertising sign


Morris 6cwt Van after re-paint and awaiting Artwork (September 1970)

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