GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model Minor Series IV
Type Utility
Body Builder  
Use External maintenance
Registration Number BYE 38B
Fleet Number Ranges U106164 to U107162 (BYE 1B - 999B) 1964
U107163 to U107802 (GPO 1C - 640C) 1965
U107803 to U108702 (CYU 100C - 999C) 1965
U108703 to U109193 (EJJ 509C - 999C) 1965
U109194 to U109902 (ELH 1C - 709C) 1965
U113313 to U113763 (GLU 221C - 671C) 1965
U113764 to U114762 (GLK 1C - 999C) 1965
U116567 (JLO 165D) 1966
U116568 to U117566 (JLT 1C - 999C) 1966
U118169 to U119167 (BVB 1D - 999D) 1966
U235570 to U235770 (NYV 252D - 452D) 1967
U235771 to U235820 (NYV 453D - 502D) 1967
U234571 to U235569 (NYW 1E - 999E) 1967
U236448 to U236451 (SYM 664F - 667F) 1967
U236452 to U237450 (SLO 1F - 999F) 1967
U237451 to U238150 (SLP 1F - 700F) 1967
U238151 to U238947 (WLA 131G - 927G) 1968
U238948 to U239347 (WLF 255G - 654G) 1968
U239348 to U239427 (WLF 791G - 870G) 1968
Date of picture November 1964

Note the integrated sidelight and indicators.  The four clips on the rear side panel are for an advertising board.


Thanks to Anthony Mercer for the picture above
Vehicle used on
PABX maintenance (Picture date approx 1969)
Note the cheeky mod to the signage!!


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