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Make Land Rover
Model Long Wheelbase 109" Pickup (Diesel)
Type Platforms Elevating No. 1
Body Builder Simon Model L25
Use Platform Elevating.
Note: Special ladder fitment on cab roof.
Registration Number 966 CXY
Fleet Number 18402 to 18405 (965 - 968 CXY) 1961
Date of picture 1964

N 3010
Issue 1, 24.5.68

Platforms, Elevating, No. 1 (Simon Model L25)
(Mounted on Long Wheelbase Land Rover)

1. Application
For overhead maintenance and tree cutting.

2. General description
The platform is mounted on a 109 in. wheelbase Land Rover. Hydraulically operated spring lock-out jacks lock the superstructure firmly to the rear axle and two manually operated telescopic tubular stabilizers have been added to assist in maintaining stability during operation of the platform. Wheel chocks are also provided. The machine provides a range of movement giving the operator a maximum working height of approximately 26 ft., a maximum working radius of approximately 13 ft. 6 in., and a rotation of 300 in either direction.

Two full length toolboxes are provided each 6 ft. long, 10 in. wide and 18 in. deep, with lockable lids.

Accommodation has been provided on the cab roof for a sectional aluminium ladder comprising five 4 ft. sections and a mounting for a 110V generator set is provided on the floor of the vehicle behind the cab.

A towing hitch has been fitted and a spare wheel is carried on the bonnet.

The platform is operated from a hydraulic pump which is driven from the power-take-off of the vehicle engine.

The fibre-glass cage 2 ft. 1 in. square and 3 ft. 3 in. deep is mounted on two booms which are fitted to a turntable centre post. All movements of the platform are controlled from the cage.

Wiring has been run along the booms from floor to cage to enable electric tools such as chain saws and pruners to be operated from the 110V generator.

This model is now obsolescent. Future issues will be mounted on a heavier chassis.

3. Related instructions
Mechanical aids control and maintenance instructions A 1020.
P.O. Motor transport speed limits Vehicles, D 0022
Inspections and tests for safety TESTS & INSPECTIONS, Routine, Q 3015.

4. Capacity
Maximum safe working load: 250 lb.

5. Dimensions. (with booms in travelling position)
Length  19 ft. 6 in.
Width   5 ft. 4 in.
Height  10 ft. 4 in.

6. Weight
2 tons 7 cwt. 3 qrs. unladen.

Maximum weight of tools and stores in each toolbox 1 cwt.

Taken from External Plant News - No. 5 July 1967

Tree-cutting is an unproductive and wasteful operation which unfortunately has to be carried out occasionally to protect overhead plant. In the past this work has been carried out by 3-man or 4-man parties equipped with ladders, pruning tools, saws and sash-lines.

The introduction of hydraulically-operated elevating platforms equipped with electrically operated tools has enabled this work to be carried out quickly and safely by 2-man parties. The ease with which these platforms can be manoeuvred into positions that would have been difficult to reach, or even inaccessible using ladders, have enabled more effective tree cutting to be carried out, thereby reducing the periodicity of the work.

This has, however, introduced a fresh problem - the disposal of a much greater quantity of timber in a given time. Disposal of this waste is not always easy and in order to overcome this problem a Brushwood Chipper has been introduced which will reduce tree cuttings to small chips on the spot. The wood chips can either be bagged automatically or discharged directly into the hedgerow or woodland where they will quickly rot down.  The chipper is trailer mounted and can be towed behind the elevating platform to form a completely self-contained tree cutting unit.

Elevating Platform
The elevating platform is mounted on a 109 in. wheelbase Landrover and consists of a glassfibre cage 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 3 ft. 3 in. deep mounted on two boons fitted to a turntable centre post. The platform is operated entirely by hydraulic means from a pump driven from 'the power take off' of the Landrover. All movements of the booms are controlled from the cage by hand levers situated at the top of the upper boom. The maximum safe working load that can be carried in the cage is 250 lb. Maximum height from the ground to floor of the cage is 21 feet and the maximum outreach from the centre post to the front of the cage is 12 ft. 3 in. round an arc of 300 deg. It is necessary for the vehicle brakes and rear-spring lockout jacks to be applied on all occasions before the platform is used.

Electric wiring has been run along the booms from the turntable to the cage. A 110V generator can be plugged into a weatherproof socketed plug at the turntable, and the socket-outlet at the cage permits the use of electric tools such as chain saws and pruners.

The cage is insulated from the booms and affords protection to the operator should accidental contact be made with overhead power lines.
A system of warning lights is being fitted in the vehicle cab which will warn the driver if the platform is not correctly stowed before driving off.

Brushwood Chipper
The chipper is mounted on a trailer and is provided with its own engine. It is fitted with a folding sheet-steel apron of sufficient size to permit a quantity of brushwood to be easily fed into the chipper, with very little trimming.

For normal working the engine requires full throttle but when the chipper is not in use the engine can be made to idle by operating the throttle control lever.  The tree cuttings are reduced to small chips by means of a high speed revolving drum fitted with four cutter blades working against a bed knife.  The chips can either be discharged from a chute directly into the hedgerow or woodland where this is permissible or into a sack as required.  The chipper will take branches up to 4 in. diameter.  As a safety precaution, it is fitted with a feed apron which protects the operator's hands from the cutter. In addition there is an emergency button.

The machine is easy and safe to operate provided the following simple rules are observed:-
(a) Gloves and eye shields must be worn.
(b) Tree cuttings should be fed into the cutter, butt first.
(c) Small pieces of wood left on the feed apron should be fed into the machine by the next load of cuttings and not with the hands.
(d) Hands should be kept away from the vicinity of the cutter head.
(e) The engine should be stopped before carrying out any adjustments to the machine or when clearing chips from the cutter or delivery chutes.
(f) Keep the cutter blades sharp by day to day maintenance.

All four blades should be carefully honed daily with the sharpening stone provided, when the machine is in continuous use. GLOVES MUST BE WORN.  A few minutes spent honing each blade will pay off in greater machine efficiency.

The elevating platform in use. This provides safe working conditions for the operator and enables access to previously inaccessible obstruction. He is using an electrically operated pruner.
The complete tree cutting equipment ready for the road.
Brushwood chipper showing discharge of chips. These can be ejected into the hedgerow or bagged for disposal.
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