GPO Vehicles

Make Morris
Model WE K100 (5 ton)
Type 4 ton Utility (Cabling) Vehicle Type 1
Body Builder Diesel
Use Heavy Cabling
Registration Number 475 DXV
Fleet Number Ranges 18518 to 18545
18615 to 18818
Date of picture July 1962

General description and facilities
The open body is fitted with a removable canvas tilt; ventilated lockable accommodation for protective clothing, tools and miscellaneous stores is provided by means of a metal locker fitted with wire-mesh doors. This locker occupies the first 2 ft. of body space immediately behind the cab, thus limiting the usable length of the body to 11 ft. 7 in. Lashing bars are fitted along both sides of the body to enable rope drums and the continuous rod to be secured. The body floor can support a 1 ton concentrated load. Underneath the floor at the forward end are three transverse lockers with doors at both sides of the vehicle. In addition to these lockers there is a vehicle tool locker and a 14 gal. water tank for washing purposes on the near-side and on the off-side there is a locker for two propane gas cylinders. A power-operated 1 ton hydraulic tail lift, together with fittings, is provided for lifting cable drums and other heavy items. The vehicle is equipped with both a heavy and a light towing clevis. The normal control cab has a seating capacity for up to three men and the vehicle should be used in conjunction with a Landrover station wagon (see N 3004) for groups of four or more men. No Personnel should be carried in the body of the vehicle.



This tilt covered Morris WE K100, 5 ton capacity lorry was designed for light cabling work.  A cable drum could be mounted inside the body, having been lifted there by the Burtonwood tail lift.  At the rear of the chassis is a Cabling Bollard used with the truck moving forward to pull cables through earthenware ducts.

See also the Morris WEK40

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