GPO Vehicles

Make Maudslay
Model Mammoth Minor
Type 18 ton Dropside
Body Builder Mann Egerton
Use Motor Transport Branch
Registration Number RLB 794
Fleet Number 17284 to 17294 (RLB 790 - 800) 1955
Date of picture 1956

 A Maudslay Mammoth Minor 6 wheel dropside truck.  The Maudslay company had been owned by AEC since 1948.  This model was normally designated as a Mammoth Major 6, when badged as an AEC.  It came complete with AEC engine and transmission and would have been built at Southall works.  The body was similar in length to that fitted to the 8 wheel Maudslay, but the vehicle could only gross 18 tons at this time, so would have carried lighter goods.  Note the twin fuel tanks for long distance work.

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Last revised: February 02, 2021