Vanguard Business Package is a range of variants of the Vanguard telephone for the business market. The variants are simple modifications to the existing basic Vanguard telephone. Apart from the Meridian Message Waiting telephone, they are customer installable and there will be no BT field involvement. The telephones will be delivered directly to customers by Northern Telecom and have no warranty or maintenance agreements. Meridian message Waiting will be held centrally, will have standard warranty terms and maintenance agreements will be available.

There are three variants, two are for general use whilst the third is for Meridian switches only. In addition, two optional facilities are available with the non Meridian variants, these are; inductive coupler and press to talk.

1. Visual call indication.
2. Message waiting.
3. Meridian message waiting.

1. Visual call indication.
The visual call indication neon indicator, lights synchronously with the incoming ring cadence and will assist customers to identify which telephone is ringing in areas where a number of telephones are used in close proximity.

2. Message waiting.
This is a telephone for use on non-Meridian switches which can offer this facility; the message waiting light indicates that a message is waiting in reception.

The message waiting model can be connected to a line jack but additional wiring is required to pins 1 and 6 for the message waiting signal. See additional information.

3. Meridian message waiting.

A flashing neon indicator indicates that a message is waiting in reception. This telephone is for use with Meridian switches only. The neon is lit by successive reversals and is therefore, polarity conscious.

Optional facility features. (These are not available on the Meridian Message Waiting Telephone).
1. Inductive coupler. (Improved clarity for hearing aid users).
2. Push to talk. (For use in secure or sensitive environments. The handset will be muted unless the button on the handset is depressed).

All three variants have the following common features;

Earth-loop (L0), tone-earth (MOE) or Timed-break recall (MET) user switchable by switch on right hand side of instrument. With the exception of the Meridian Message Waiting, which is Timed-break recall only.

24 digit last number redial memory.
Secrecy (non-locking microphone cut-off facility).
Tone caller (with High, Low, off control).
For table or wall mounting.

Made by NTE Ltd (Northern Telecom Europe)

Customer only for all but Meridian Message Waiting. Although the Meridian Message Waiting telephone can be considered customer installable, in general because of the advice given by Sales to Meridian customers, these will be installed by BT.

Approved under Approval numbers;
S/1000/3/N/502708 - Message waiting
S/1000/3/N/502709 - Visual call indication
Approved under Meridian - Meridian message waiting
For use on DELs and PBXs in categories 1,3,5,7,9 & 11.

Modifications which have not received appropriate approval must not be carried out as to do so would invalidate approval making connection unlawful.

User Guide supplied with the telephone.
Customer Field Notes issued as necessary containing any product specific transitory information.

Corded Telephones Product Manual - PDM/TPQ/A010

REN - All Vanguard variants have a REN of 1 and are intended for use in normal Domestic or business locations. They are not suited for use in bathrooms or other locations prone to damp or condensation.

Approximate overall dimensions are 216mm x 152mm x 7Omm, weight 847 grams. When mounted in an enclosure (e.g. in a lift telephone housing) an additional 13mm should be allowed along one edge for the handset cord. NB only Vanguard Inductive Coupler models should be used for telephones in lifts.

Meridian Message Waiting telephones only: Maintenance is restricted to checking that option switches have been set correctly, cord replacement or proving the instrument faulty, in which case it will be replaced with a maintenance spare.
All other variants will be sold to the customer and will have no warranty and no maintenance agreements.
In the event of ring tone no reply complaints, customers should be advised to check that the ringer has not been inadvertently switched off and that the handset is being replaced properly.

Standard warranty terms will not be offered on these products, instead customers will be offered extra units as per the table below;

	Products ordered	Additional units supplied
	50 - 100	2
	101 - 200	4
	201+	2% of total ordered

This does not apply to Meridian message waiting which has a 12 month 

Applicable for the Meridian version only. No stocks of the other variants
will be held.

	Meridian message waiting

	Colour				BT Item code
	Black				870570
	Chameleon Ash			870571
	Dolphin Grey			870572

Idle - Normal capacitor loop, additionally these telephones draw on-hook current (typically 10 micro Amps) to maintain stored/last number memory. This may give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions.

Seized - Normal press button telephone loop. The electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give high resistance tele loop line test conditions as with other press button telephones.

1. The Vanguard Message Waiting

Has a six-wire telephone cord and plug and can be used with the additional wiring to the line jack unit. The additional wiring applies a negative potential, with respect to earth, to pin 6.

This signalling is available on Plessey DX systems with option 3.6 software or later. The parameter has to be set to enable visual indication message waiting option to be used. i.e. SPMWT must be set to 2.

2. Meridian Message Waiting
The neon indicator is lit by a series of line reversals. The correct polarity of the wiring is therefore important when installing this telephone. If the wiring is reversed, the neon will remain lit at all times.

3. Drop-back (power fail) telephones
Vanguard Business Package telephones are based upon the Vanguard Basic and have an electronic recall mechanism with no earth recall. As a result, they are NOT suitable as drop-back telephones.

4. Meridian systems - clicking reports
Repeated line reversals are used to provide the flashing indication. This can reduce clicking noises on extensions corresponding to adjacent ports and ports one position away from the signalling extension. This same condition has been found to exist when the Rapport system is used. if this is found to be a problem, the advice of the Meridian maintenance people should be sought.

5. Buzz on recall
An audible buzz can be heard if the recall button is depressed. This is not a fault, it is due to the design of the recall circuitry.


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Last revised: May 30, 2010