1 Exchange line and up to 4 Extensions, (10 Watts) Main module acts as power fail. LD & MF to Exchange.

2/3A Colour LJU 2/3A

1 Green/White 1

2 Blue/White 2

3 Orange/White 3

4 White/Orange 4

5 White/Blue 5

6 White/Green 6

Main module controls night service & overrides extension bell off facility. The switch on the main module (next to the phone socket)should be set to:-

A For a DEL

B For a PBX

For connection to a PBX the switch should be in position B for the following system:-

Admiral, Kinsman, PMBX 1A, SX2000, TSX50, Viceroy.

For all others the switch should be in position A.

To confirm the above is set to position A.

1 . Lift handset press exchange.

Dial tone should be heard & LED glows continuously.

2. Replace handset.

If LED goes off all OK.

If not switch to position B.


Use recall button on module.


Use recall button on telephone.

The address of the main module is 4

The extension numbers must be fixed using the switches on the back of the extension module, either 1, 2 or 3.


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Last revised: February 27, 2021