Philips key telephone

Philips offered a very stylish telephone for use with its UH series of motor uniselector PAX's introduced in the late 1960s. The sloping face of the table telephone had a very shallow rake, rather like the standard East German telephones of the time and the whole affair looked  very stylish in a European way. The telephones use Code C signalling, which means they cannot be used with normal exchanges. Both wall and table models were available (see Norelco brochure).

Two-tone grey (shades not as warm as on the Tele. 706), possibly others.

PAX systems only in the UK, also PABX's elsewhere.


The Philips UH200 & UH900 telephone systems were supplied in the UK by Pye Business systems.

In the USA the supply company was the North American Philips Company Inc (Norelco).

This system was a common controlled rotary telephone system. 

UH200 - 200 extensions
UH900 - 900 extensions

Introduced around 1970.

Click here for Norelco Catalogue 33A

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