No. 1

Box spanner, with handle cranked at 90 deg. Overall length 3.3".  For use on nuts measuring 7/32" across flats, fitted on P.O. standard-type uniselectors, G.E.C. Co.ís minor switches, 3000 type relays and A.E. Co.'s polarized relays.

No. 2

Similar to Box, Cranked, No. 1, but for nuts 1/4" across flats. Used for the adjusting screws on the rockers of the interrupter spring assembly on A.E. Co.'s uniselectors and the fixing screw for the interrupter-spring assembly on S.T. & C. Co.ís uniselectors.  Also for the hexagon nuts on the alarm and flat compensating spring-set assemblies of  Machines, Impulsing, No.1.

No. 3

Tubular spanner with a doubly-cranked handle. Overall length 3.2".  For nuts 1/4" across flats which are fitted onís polarized relays.

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Last revised December 28, 2007