No. 1

2.6" long, double-ended, offset and slotted at each end.  Used for adjustments on the detents of 2-motion selectors of A.T. & E. Co., G.E.C., Siemens’ No. 5, 16 and 50. S.T. & C. and Ericssons’ systems (Pre 2000 selectors).

Ericsson Telephone Part No. N8312

No. 2

4.5" long, made from 1/4" square-section steel, double-ended, each end offset and slotted. Used for adjusting rotary detents of 2000-type selectors.

Ericsson Telephone Part No. N8204

No. 3

4 in. long, made of fin. round-section steel, double-ended, one end offset and each end slotted. Used for adjusting vertical detente of 2000-type selectors.

Ericsson Telephone Part No. N8205

No. 4

4 in. long, double-ended, pointed at one end and slotted at the other. Used for adjusting detente on Siemens’ 50 uniselectors and detent springs of Clocks No. 44 and Meters 100-type.

Ericsson Telephone Part No. N8266

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Last revised December 27, 2007