Many people keep asking me where can they obtain replacement cloth cords for old phones.  You can get these cords from Geoff Mawdsley, Telephone Lines and Vintage Telephony.

These people have no connection with this web site and you will have to contact them directly for more information.

Geoff Mawdsley

Geoff makes bell-set cords, line cords, bell-receiver cords and braided (non-plaited cords) any colour.

The handset cords have a PVC-insulated tinsel conductor to make them flexible and waterproof to IEE regulations.   For special orders where a phone has to be as original as possible, ALL tinsel conductors can be ordered which allows it to be made into a bound loop the same as the original GPO cords.  It must understood by the user that these should not be used where the phone is exposed to damp conditions.  All cords are made by Geoff from the finest rot-proof cotton and good quality internal conductors.  This means that he can do short runs of ANY colour and any size cord... you can even have pink if you want!  He can also make cords to be supplied with bound loops and finished with a coloured cotton marker.  Normal cords used for general restoration have spade tags fitted and rubber-like sleeving to indicate the colour of the conductor.  ALL handset cords are supplied with the restraining loop for the handset and any special requirements or modifications can be made to order.

Please contact Geoff by email at or check out his Ebay sales searching for name "gmjp7"

Click here for line cord and telephone conversion kits

Here are some pictures of the actual cords - click on any picture for an enlargement.....

Standard braided cord
Candlestick Receiver cord
Non-braided cord
Cord made to order to fit an Ericsson telephone



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Last revised: December 12, 2021