Telart (Telefoni Artistici) is known for making onyx based items, like clocks and telephones.

Although Italian, these telephones are included on this web site as they can be found in the UK.  Nearly all of these telephones have a casing of marble or wood but the other parts on the phones come from many different telephone producers and change over time and even on the same model!  Many look like somebody bought a load of left over parts and cobbled them together.

The only item that appears not to have changed much over the years is the circuit board.  Which was updated to keep in line with technology.  Click here for more information.

They look like an antique telephone, but they are not what they seem.  Produced from the late 1970's onwards they are now considered by some as vintage, being over 40 years old.

It is difficult to find out much about this company and their telephones generally have no identification on the bases and definitely no model numbers or names.

Telart is supposed to have an association with another Italian telephone company called Telcer, which is a well-known Italian telephone manufacturer, who specialised in antique and novelty telephones. The connection between Telcer and Telart is undocumented, but some of the telephones look very similar. 

But, no matter where the phones came from they sometimes appear to use the same casings and parts.

Some phones have a sticker on the base that says "Telart Viareggio", but no model names or numbers can be found.  This was the same for most Telcer telephones, although many from this company have the Italian Telephone Company name, "SIP", on them.

Telart also produced plastic cased telephones that actually looked professional and functional.  Later produced telephones were also made with press button dials.

The company closed in 1985.

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Diagram for dial telephone with 3 wire handset cord


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Last revised: September 01, 2023