Enhanced Tribune telephones are based on and offer the same facilities of THE basic 'Dual Signalling' Tribune i.e.:-
LD, Mixed or MF (TouchTone) signalling (user switchable).
31 digit (including * & #) last number redial memory.
Earth-loop or Timed-break recall (user switchable).
Secrecy (microphone cut-off switch).
Bell with adjustable volume control and 'off' position.
For table use.

Enhanced Tribunes offer the following additional features:-
  • Tele 9803 AR, Inductive coupler receiver inset in handset.
  • Tele 9804 AR, as 9803 AR but additionally with neon lamp signalling indication of incoming calls and amplified handset receiver (shown to the right).
  • Tele 9806 AR, as 9804 AR but additionally with a watch receiver incorporating an inductive coupler receiver inset and `press to listen' button.
  • Tele 9811 AR, as 9806 AR but with increased amplification.
  • Tele 9812 AR, as 9804 AR but offering `Outgoing Speech Amplification' (OSA) instead of incoming speech amplification, for users with weak voices. Tribune telephones are delivered with the user accessible signalling switch set to LD. When used in the LD signalling made, `soft switching to MF' is available by pressing the * or # buttons to continue the call in MF signalling, the telephone will revert to LD signalling at the end of the call. There is no facility for storing PBX access pause in the Last Number redial store. PBX access codes may be keyed manually before pressing the 'LR' button on PBXs requiring a pause.

Made by TMC Ltd (marked GNA) and Denis Feranti Ltd (marked DFM)

Enhanced Tribune telephones are approved under the following approval numbers for use on DELs and PBXs in categories 1,3,5,7,9 & 11:-
Tribune 9803 AR S/l00D/3/G/500639
Tribune 9804 AR S/1000/3/G/500640
Tribune 9806 AR S/1000/3/G/500642
Tribune 9810 AR S/1000/3/H/500678
Tribune 9811 AR 5/1000/3/K/501499
Tribune 9812 AR S/100D/3/K/501488


Tribune 9803 AR Grey 877622
Tribune 9803 AR Red 877623
Tribune 9804 AR White   877609
Tribune 9804 AR Grey 877610
Tribune 9804 AR Red 877611
Tribune 9806 AR White  877612
Tribune 9810 AR White 877420
Tribune 9810 AR Grey 877421
Tribune 9811 AR White 877423
Tribune 9812 AR White 877840

(9804 Superseded by 9810 AR, 9806 Superseded by 9811 AR)

There is no provision for memory backup batteries in Tribune telephones, last number memory cannot be guaranteed it the telephone is removed from line for more than 5 minutes.
Due to the restrictions of BABT approval, the level of amplification of incoming speech on Tribunes 9804 AR & 9806 AR is much lower than that of the 'Conquest' handset (Amplified handset for 700 type teles).
BT has been granted a relaxation to produce Tribunes 9810 AR & 9811 AR which offer a higher (20dB) level of amplification, with the `normal' setting at the left of the volume control instead of in the mid position.

Signalling details
MF signalling, tone stretched (with minimum duration tone bursts of approximately 100 ms).
Timed break recall, approximately 100 ms.
Earth recall, continuous whilst recall button is pressed.

Bell volume control is achieved by varying the travel of the bell plunger, this can result in bell tinkle due to line disturbances if the bell volume control is set to 'low'.
The Tribune Bell is designed to meet REN 1 requirements when set in the mid (notch) position, due to additional circuitry required for tone callers it is not possible to provide 'Enhanced Tribunes' with a tone caller instead of a bell as the circuit board area is used by the handset amplifier circuit. RFI immunity:
Good immunity against RFI from l00kHz to 200MHz.

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Last revised: May 16, 2010