TELEPHONE No's 95xx & 96xx (Viscount)

Telephone 9501 (early version) Telephone 9511

The "basic" Viscount telephones comprised:- Telephones 9501, 9501R, 9511R, 9601R and 9601AR.

Tele 9501
50v working, 10 pps signalling. Early versions fitted with a 10 button keypad. Later versions have a 12 button keypad but the two extra buttons (either side of the 0 button) serve no purpose.   Available in beige, green, ice grey and tan colours.

Tele 9501R
As for Tele 9501 but with earth recall.

Tele 9511R (New Standard Viscount)
50v working, 10 pps signalling with earth recall. 12 button keypad offering last number redial, scratchpad and transmission cut-off facilities. The scratchpad facility enables users to change the number held in the last number redial memory whilst call in progress. PABX access pause not provided, therefore access digit(s) must be keyed before pressing the `MR' button. The telephone will then pulse the remaining (exchange line) digits to, line.

Tele 9521R
Viscount telephone with 12 memory store (shown right).  Functionality also included notepad, earth recall, mute and last number redial.  Available in beige and ice grey colours.

Tele 9601R
50v working, 12 button, MF4 signalling keypad with earth recall.

Tele 9601AR
As for Tele 9601R but can be converted to provide timed-break recall.

Incoming calls are signalled by a tone caller that has an adjustable volume control beneath the right hand side of the instrument.

Made by STC Telecommunications Ltd

Telephones 9501, 9511 and 9601 each have a Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) of 1. Telephone instruments (BT and non BT supplied) are now required to be labelled with their REN so that users do not exceed the permitted maximum number of ringers in circuit.
A telephone with a REN of 1 has a ringer sensitivity similar to that of a standard instrument (Tele 8746G), the total REN value of all ringers connected at any time at an installation must not exceed 4.
The REN does not guarantee compatibility between ringers of different technologies on the same installation.

Power Requirements
Telephones 9501, 9511 and 9601 are 50 volt line powered instruments and require no external power supplies. The Tele 9511 last number re-dial facility constantly draws approximately 25 ma from line to maintain the memory, if the instrument is disconnected from line for more than a few minutes the memory will be erased.

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Last revised: May 02, 2010