TELEPHONE No's 94XX, 98XX & 99XX

Telephone No. 9401 Telephone No. 9402
Telephone No. 9901R Telephone No. 9804AR
Telephone No. 9801AR Telephone No. 9402

Basic Tribune telephones are available in 10 pps pulsing, MF4 signalling and dual signalling models with earth or timed break recall facilities. All models are for table mounted use and are similar in appearance. The facilities offered are as follows:-

MF signalling models (Will be superseded by Dual Signalling models)
Tele 9401AR, MF signalling, earth loop or timed break recall, secrecy button, bell. Normally supplied set for earth recall, may be converted to timed break recall by shifting link accessed via slot in base of telephone.
Tele 9402AR, as 9401AR but with tone caller instead of bell.
Tele 9403AR, as 9401AR but with inductive coupler receiver inset to suit users of certain types of hearing aid.

Dual signalling models
Tele 9801AR, 10 pps or MF4 signalling, earth loop or timed break recall, 31 digit last number redial memory, secrecy, bell. Normally supplied set to 10 pps signalling with earth recall but may be set to MF4 signalling with earth recall or MF4 signalling with timed break recall by adjusting the customer accessible slider switch on the base. When set to 10 pps signalling the telephone offers mixed signalling facilities.
Tele 9802AR, as 9801AR but with tone caller instead of bell.
Tele 9803AR, as 9801AR but with inductive coupler receiver inset.
Mixed signalling is the facility whereby a call may be originated in the LD 10 pps mode and continued for the duration of the call in the MF4 mode by pressing the * button to access certain network based facilities.

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Loop-disconnect pulsing models (Superseded by Dual Signalling models)
Tele 9901R, LD 10 pps signalling, earth recall, secrecy button, 21 digit last number redial memory, bell.
Tele 9902R, as 9901R but with tone caller instead of bell.
Tele 9903R, as 9901R but with inductive coupler receiver inset to suit users of certain types of hearing aid.
NB. On all models tone callers have a volume control only, bells have a volume control with an off position.
Made by TMC Ltd (Marked GNA on base) and Denis Ferranti Ltd (Marked DFM on base)

Tribune telephones are approved as supplied under approval numbers:-
Tele 9401 S/1000/3/F/500318 or S/1000/3/F/500331
Tele 9402 S/1000/3/F/500319 or S/1000/3/F/500322
Tele 9801 S/1000/3/G/500643
Tele 9802 S/1000/3/G/500638
Tele 9803 S/1000/3/G/500639
Tele 9901 S/1000/3/F/500333 or S/1000/3/F/500321
Tele 9902 S/1000/3/F/500334 or S/1000/3/F/500323


Description    BT Item code
Telephone 9401  AR White 877081
Telephone 9401  AR Grey  877082
Telephone 9402  AR White 877087
Telephone 9402  AR Grey 877088
Telephone 9801  AR White 877603 (877597)
Telephone 9801  AR Grey 877604 (877598)
Telephone 9801  AR Red 877605 (877599)
Telephone 9802  AR White 877606 (877600)
Telephone 9802  AR Grey 877607 (877601)
Telephone 9802  AR Red  877608 (877602)
Telephone 9803  AR White  877621
Telephone 9803  AR Grey  877622
Telephone 9803  AR Red  877623

These telephones all have a REN of 1.

Idle - Normal capacitor loop, additionally Tribunes 99XX & 98XX draw on hook current (typically 20 micro amps) to maintain last number re-dial memory. This may appear to give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions.

Seized - Normal off-hook press button telephone loop. The electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give high resistance tele-loop line test conditions as with other press button telephones.

Bell volume control is achieved by varying the travel of the bell plunger, this can result in bell tinkle due to line disturbances if the volume control is set to 'low'. On certain systems (typically those with electronic ringing generators) a louder ring may be obtained if the control is set at the mid point instead of 'loud'.

Pressing the 'S' button will cut off outgoing transmission on all models without affecting incoming speech except for Tribunes 94XX made by DFM Ltd, on these the level of incoming speech is reduced whilst the 'S' button is held down.

Last number redial memory will be erased on LNR models if the telephone is disconnected from line for typically more than 5 minutes, there is no provision for memory retention batteries.

All Tribunes have good immunity against RFI from 100kHz to 10Mhz.

Telephones 9401AR and 9402AR can be converted to Time Break Recall (TBR).  On the underside of the telephone is a small plug, in a recess, which has makings 'E' and 'T'.  The plug must be removed, turned 180 degrees and replaced so that the raised lug of the plug is now nearest the 'T'.

Tribune E1
All standard Tribune features, but with incoming speech amplifier, lamp signalling. inductive coupler.  Available in Charcoal grey.

Tribune E2 (shown right)
As the E1 but with an extra earpiece.
Available in Polar white.

Tribune OSA
This model has an outgoing speech amplifier.
Available in Polar White.

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