Telephones used on the BT Ambassador and  Senator telephone systems.

Telephone 8520 & 8550
Standard LD (10PPS) telephone.
Brown and Stone colours.

Telephone 8521, 8551 & 8553
LD (10PPS) with 10 address repertory dialling.
Because of it's memory facility the phone was labelled XpressCaller.
Brown and Stone colours.

The standard telephone was also known as the TX41 and the memory telephone as the TX42.


Top picture is a Telephone 8520 in Brown.

Lower picture is a Telephone 8551 in Stone.


Telephone 8530
Standard MF telephone


Facility Handsets

Handset No. 16B was used on Telephones 8550, 8551 and 8553.

Handset No. 16A was used on Telephones 8520, 8521 and 8530.  Facility Handsets No's 16C & 16E can be used only on these telephones.

Telephone 8560
Superseded the above telephones and was known as the Ambassador/Senator 10.

Light Grey and dark Grey colours.

Telephone 8561
As the 8560 but with full hands free working.  The loud speech button is mechanically latching.

Known as the Ambassador/Senator Super 10.

Light Grey and dark Grey colours.

Power block style PSU is 15 volt DC at 150ma (2.25va).

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Last revised: September 20, 2015