Line powered, self contained, 10 pulses per second (LD), wall mounted, push button telephone based on the Telephone 746 chassis.

The phone has a chrome handset rest and provision for two buttons.

Mounts the wall on T shaped bracket, that also fits the 700 type standard wall phones.

In 1982 the Telephone No. 8755 Ivory was introduced and this fitted with high impedance bell ringer and a new style Plug and Socket cord (Cord Connecting No. 4/502 250mm).

All Marks of the Telephone No. 8755 are as the table below and were made obsolescent in 1987.

Circuit diagram - N855.

Specification - S1203 and S1491.

Supersedes Telephone No. 765.

Additional Information

ModelMarkIvoryPBU No.IntroducedRemarks
Tele 755Mk 1y53A/14/79STC
 Mk 2y53B/11/80STC S/S Mk 1
 Mk 3y53A/21/80GEC
 Mk 4y53A/37/80PYE-TMC
 Mk 5y53C/17/80STC
 Mk 6y53B/27/80GEC
 Mk 7y53B/37/80PYE/TMC
 Mk 8y  Deleted 3/82


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Last revised: October 30, 2022