Telephone No. 746
Component Parts


  1. Dial No. 21A

  2. Switch No. 23A (on/off switch). These were not a standard item and were fitted on installation.

  3. Switch No. 5A-4.

  4. Spring plunger for operating the Switch No. 5A-4.

  5. Bell Gongs.

  6. Induction Coil.

  7. Two Thermisters in a plastic cover.

  8. Switch hook contacts.

  9. Capacitor (1.8uf) - Factory made phones with new plan plug and socket may have this capacitor missing.

  10. Capacitor (0.9uf).

  11. Regulator pack - diodes.

The back of the bell ringer can just be seen under the two switches.

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Last revised: January 24, 2023