Telephone No. 706
Standard Colours

The GPO material colours are in Specification S. 659 and shown in brackets against the pictures below.
There is no conversion document available to advise what the BSI colours are.
BS 381 is the best colour chart to use but you will have to match up the colours yourself.
Click here for a colour chart with regular colours
Click here for colour samples
(10 Black)
Concord Blue
(11 Concord Blue)
Duo Tone Green
(12 Forest Green / 13 Aircraft Grey Green)
Duo Tone Grey
(14 Elephant Grey / 15 Light French Grey)
(16 Light Ivory)
Lacquer Red
(17 Red)
Topaz Yellow
(18 Topaz yellow)
Transparent - not a standard colour, but made for exhibitions and demonstrations


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Last revised: May 10, 2021