No's 5041, 5042, 5043 & 5044

Relate 100 Relate 200
Relate 300 Relate 400

The Relate range telephones are available for rental and retail sales. They are all similar in appearance but vary in the number of features offered and hence the number of keys/buttons provided.

Features common to all the Relate range are as follows:-

Latching Secrecy Button (with LED)
Ringer Volume Control (Hi/Lo/Off)
Touch Tone Dialling
Wall Mountable (Desk - angled or flat)
Tone/Pulse Switchable
Exchange Recall (ELR & TBR)
2 Years Guarantee
Alpha's on keypad characters

The feature added to the Relate 100 model is as follows:-
Pencil Tray (on right hand side)

The features added to the Relate 200 model are as follows:-
On Hook Dialling (with Volume control)
10 Quick Dial Keys
Ringer Tone Options (3)
Programmable Pause Duration

The features added to the Relate 300 model are as follows:-
Full Hands-free Operation
20 Quick Dial Keys
LCD Panel with Clock & Call Timer
Dialling Indicator & Low Battery Warning
Programmable Pause Duration
Ringer Tone options (3)

The features added to the Relate 400 model are as follows:-
Full Hands-free Operation
Directory for 75 Names & Numbers
LCD Panel (with alphanumeric line for names & programming prompts)
Quick-dial Memory Keys
Dialling Indicator & Low Battery Warning
Programmable Pause Duration
Ringer Tone options (3)

Provision is made for storing PBX access pauses in any of the memory stores.

Made by Northern Telecom Europe (NTE) Ltd

Approved under Approval numbers:-

S/1000/3/M/502265 (Relate 100)
S/1000/3/M/502266 (Relate 200)
S/1000/3/M/502267 (Relate 300)
S/1000/3/M/502264 (Relate 400)

For use on DEL's and PBXs in categories 1,3,5,7,9 & 11.

The Relate range have a REN of 1 and are intended for use in normal Domestic/Residential locations or connected to any approved PBX.

Approximate overall dimensions - 150mm x 220mm x 95mm.
Weight - Relate 100, 712 grams, Relate 200, 794 grams, Relate 300 & 400, 834 grams.

Two 25mm x No. 8 pan-head wood screws and wall plugs are provided for wall mounted use via key-hole slots in the base of the instrument.

Three good quality AA size batteries are required for the Relate 300 and 400. However, the phone will operate perfectly satisfactorily without them. Batteries allow memory programming on hook and retain memories whilst the phone is unplugged.

Table mounted - the unit is supplied with a plinth to allow for an angled stance or without the plinth for a flat stance.

Wall mounted - the plinth is removed, turned, then refitted. This gives a good wall mounting angle. The handset and line cords may be routed through the alternative channels in the base as required and the line cord may be shortened. The handset retaining lug should be turned through 180 degrees to support the handset.

The Relate 300 and 400 batteries should give 12 months service before replacement is indicated.

BT's warranty from the manufacturer is for 24 months from date marking on the base (Week & Year forming first four digits of the serial number).


Marketing Description  Engineering Name BT Item Code
Relate  100,  Alpine White - 1992 Telephone 5041 AR 87  7920
Relate  100,  Charcoal Grey -1992 Telephone 5041 AR 87  7921
Relate  100,  Oatmeal - 1992 Telephone 5041 AR 87  7922
Relate  100,  Gentian Blue - 1992 Telephone 5041 AR 87  7923
Relate  200,  Alpine White - 1992 Telephone 5042 AR 87  7926
Relate  200,  Charcoal Grey - 1992 Telephone 5042 AR 87  7927
Relate  200,  Oatmeal - 1992 Telephone 5042 AR 87  7928
Relate  200,  Gentian Blue - 1992 Telephone 5042 AR 87  7929
Relate  300,  Alpine White - April 1992 Telephone 5043 AR 87  7932
Relate  300,  Charcoal Grey - April 1992 Telephone 5043 AR 87  7933
Relate  400,  Alpine White - April 1992 Telephone 5044 AR 87  7936
Relate  400,  Charcoal Grey Telephone 5044 AR 87  7937

Idle - Normal capacitor loop, additionally these telephones draw on-hook current (typically 25 micro Amps) to maintain stored/last number memory. This may give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions.

Seized - Normal press button telephone loop. The electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give 'high resistance' tele-loop line test conditions as with other press button telephones.

Signalling details

MF signalling
- All models, continuous tone whilst button is pressed.

Timed break recall
- All models, approximately 90 ms.

Earth recall
- All models, approximately 800 ms.

PBX Interworking
Some facilities are not available when Relate range telephones are connected to a Renown or BT2+8.

The feature, when active, disables the handset whilst the LED is glowing. It also disables the base microphone in the Relate 400. On Relate 200 the LED will not illuminate when in Monitor mode.

Monitor Mode
The Relate 200 will not operate in Monitor Mode when first connected to line, or after a sustained line break (specified as 5 minutes but in practice 15 minutes or more). A handset lift, and replacement, is required to 'reset' the processor.

User Instructions

Relate 200
To store a number into memory

  • Lift the handset or press MONITOR

  • Press and release the STORE button

  • Press and release the chosen memory key

  • Press the digits of the number to be stored (including any pauses)

  • Press and release the STORE button again

  • Replace the handset or press MONITOR

  • The number is now stored under the chosen memory button

To automatically dial out a stored number:

  • Lift the handset or press MONITOR

  • Press and release the memory button of the number you wish to call


The Relate 400 user guide page 15 states that, when deleting an entry in the internal directory, the user can find the name to be deleted by either using the scan buttons or entering the initial letter of the name and THEN scan. The latter of these is incorrect; if the initial letter of the name is entered before pressing scan it locks the directory until the handset is replaced.

The full correct operation should be :
Lift handset (or press loudspeaking), Press store, Press directory button, Press scan, Initial letter (if required, followed by scan again), Press delete twice, Replace handset (or press loudspeaking again).

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