TELEPHONE No's 5011 & 5021

Minstrel Plus User Guide

BT Minstrel Telephones were intended for retail only, however, from the 1 April 1991 Minstrel Plus is also available on rental terms. Also, from 1 April 1991 all three ServiceCare options were available for the Minstrel Plus.

Minstrel is a one-piece telephone with a tone caller and gravity switch in the base unit and offers the following facilities:-

  • LD or MF4 signalling (customer switchable).

  • Earth-Loop or Timed-Break recall (customer switchable).

  • 32 Digit Last-number redial memory.

  • Tonecaller with volume control and off position.

  • 13 Address memory, each address can store up to 16 digits including and # codes and Timed Break recall.

  • For table or wall mounted use, (when used wall mounted, the moulding above the telephone label should be reversed to provide a handset rest).

In addition Minstrel Plus includes:-

  • LCD digit display.

  • 'soft switching' from LD to MF during a call.

  • re-designed handset hook for wall mounting (to facilitate 'walk-on').

  • battery low indicator (dot shows when battery low).

  • ability to combine sending digits from keypad and memory(s) in any order, on the same call.

A three position slider switch (marked LD-MFT-MFE) is provided on the handset. As supplied this is normally set to LD to offer Loop Disconnect with Earth- Loop recall but may be shifted to offer MF signalling with Timed Break recall (MFT) or MF signalling with Earth-Loop recall (MFE) as required.

There is no provision for storing PBX access pauses in any of the memory stores on Minstrel or Minstrel Plus, this may be overcome as follows:-
Minstrel - access digit(s) may be stored in one store and used to access the line before sending numbers stored in other stores (or manually keying digits).

Minstrel Plus - PBX access codes may be keyed manually before using stored number memory.

There is no facility for storing PBX access pauses in Last number redial store on Minstrel or Minstrel Plus.

Made by Inventa (Malaysia)

Distributed by British Telecom

Minstrel range telephones are approved as supplied under approval number S/2981/3/J/501125 for use on Direct Exchange Lines and PBXs in categories 1,3,5 & 7.

All Minstrel range telephones have a REN of 1.

Wall mounting, wall should be vertical and not subject to vibration to prevent handset 'walking off', instruments should not be fitted where they may be brushed by people walking past.

Dimensions are 2100mm x 880mm x 660mm (height), Line Cord 3 Metres.

New Minstrel range telephones carry an 18 Month manufacturer's warranty to BT from the date of manufacture as shown on the base of the instrument (year and week marking forming the first four digits of the serial number). Customers will be given a 12 Month bring back warranty.

Description                                               BT Item Code
Minstrel       Telephone 5011 AR Alpine                   877682
Minstrel       Telephone 5011 AR Ivory                    877683
Minstrel       Telephone 5011 AR Coral                    877684
Minstrel Plus            5021   Alpine                    877841
Minstrel Plus            5021   Polar White               877842
Minstrel Plus            5021   Marble                    877843
Minstrel Plus            5021   Opal                      877844

Idle - Normal capacitor loop, Minstrel telephones draw not more than 5 MicroAmps on-hook line current to maintain stored number memory, this may give apparent low-loop line test conditions.

Seized - Normal off-hook press button telephone loop. The electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give 'high resistance' tele loop line test conditions as with other press button telephones.

Last number redial and stored number memories are protected by 2 'AAA type' Alkaline batteries situated below the telephone number label. Provision and replacement of batteries is the customer's responsibility, batteries should be changed annually and the telephone must be disconnected from line whilst batteries are being replaced. Stored number memory cannot be guaranteed if batteries are removed for more than 5 minutes although in practice memory may last for over an hour.

Intermittent no dial tone complaints may occur with earlier Minstrels if batteries are not fitted or if battery cap is not making proper contact with the contact spring.

Minstrel Plus incorporates design changes to the handset and case moulding to overcome partial operation of gravity switch problems which could occur with wall mounted Minstrel.

Minstrel telephones have good immunity against RFI from 50kHz to 10MHz and fairly good immunity from 10MHz to 200MHz.

Reports of intermittent No Dial Tone on Minstrel have been investigated and it has been proved that Minstrels with low (or no) batteries may cause a short line break when the handset is lifted for the first time (after not being used for a period of time).

This may be seen by the exchange (especially Digital exchanges) as a dialled digit thus breaking dial tone. The problem should not occur on Minstrels with `good' batteries fitted provided these are making proper contact with the battery terminals.

Production modifications to prevent this occurring on Minstrels without batteries and to ensure proper contact with battery terminals are being investigated.

In the meantime customers reporting this should be advised to check that good batteries are fitted and making good contact with the terminal springs.

Unless the handset is firmly replaced, Ring Tone No Reply or Permanently Engaged Test may result with wall mounted Minstrels.

This can also happen where Minstrels are mounted on partition walls etc subject to vibration or where they may be brushed by people walking by, causing the handset to 'walk off' the rest.

BT supplied modified receiver rests designed to improve Minstrel 'handset walk-on'.


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