The Vanguard 10E telephone is available for rental and retail sales. It is similar in appearance to the rest of the Vanguard range and offers the following features:-
  • On Hook Dialling (with switchable Monitor volume).
  • 10 Dedicated Memory Keys (24 digits).
  • Latching Secrecy Button.
  • Redial.
  • Ringer Volume Control.
  • Touch Tone Dialling.
  • Recall (ELR & TBR).
  • Wall Mountable.
  • Tone/Pulse Switchable

Customised Vanguard 10Es (i.e. with customer's logo printed on the case) are also available.

A three position slider switch (labelled LD-MFT-MFE) is provided on the right hand side of the instrument. This is normally supplied set to 'MFT' for MF signalling with Timed Break recall (TouchTone), but should be shifted to LD for Loop Disconnect/Mixed signalling with Earth recall or to 'MFE' for MF signalling with Earth recall as necessary.

Mixed signalling is the facility whereby a call may be set up in the LD mode and continued for the duration of the call in the MF mode by pressing the '*' button to access certain network based facilities.

Numbers are stored on Vanguard 10E by the following method:-

  • Lift handset, press 'Memory Store' (confidence beep).
  • Press required memory location (confidence beep).
  • Key number to be stored (confidence beep for each digit).
  • Press 'Memory Store' (confidence beep).

If more than 24 digits are keyed, the audible tone changes to an error beep.
The memory locations can also hold 'Goto MF' and 'Recall'.

There is no provision for storing PBX access pauses in any of the memory stores, PBX access codes may be keyed manually before using stored number or last number redial memory.

Made by Northern Telecom Europe (NTE) Ltd.

Approved under Approval number S/1000/3/M/502246 for use on DELs and PBXs in categories 1,3,5,7,9 & 11.

REN, Vanguard 10E has a REN of 1 and is intended for use in normal Domestic or Residential locations. They are not suited for use in bathrooms or other locations prone to damp or condensation.

Approximate overall dimensions are 216mm x 152mm x 70mm, weight 871 grams. When mounted in an enclosure an additional 13mm should be allowed along one edge for the handset cord. NB only Vanguard II Inductive Coupler models should be used for telephones in lifts.

Two 2.5mm x No.8 pan-head wood screws and wall plugs are provided for wall mounted use via key-hole slots in the base of the instrument.

The Signalling switch should be set on installation according to the type of exchange/PBX it is used on, i.e.:-

MFT - for Digital or Modernised TXE4 exchanges and a minority of PBXs (i.e. for TouchTone, Star Services and Timed Break Recall PBXS).

MFE - for the majority of modern PBXs (i.e. with MF signalling with Earth recall).

LD - for un-modernised exchanges and older PBXS.

Table mounted
the rear legs should be extended to ensure handset fully operates the gravity switch on clear down.

Wall mounted
the handset and line cords may be routed through the alternative channels in the base as required and the line cord may be shortened by re-terminating. The handset retaining lug should be turned through 180 degrees to support the handset.


Description BT Item Codes
Telephone 4005 AR Vanguard 10E, Alpine White 877908 (87 7959)
Telephone 4005 AR Vanguard 10E, Oatmeal 877909 (87 7960)
Telephone 4005 AR Vanguard 10E, Charcoal Grey 877910 (87 7961)
Telephone 4005 AR Vanguard 10E, Red 877951 (87 7962)

Idle - Normal capacitor loop, additionally these telephones draw on hook current (typically 25 micro Amps) to maintain stored/last number memory. This may give apparent 'Low Loop' line test conditions.

Seized - Normal press button telephone loop. The electronic keypad and transmission circuitry may give 'high resistance' tele-loop line test conditions as with other press button telephones.

Vanguard 10E should only be used on version 8/9 of a 1+1 carrier system, a NTE's.

Vanguard 10E is not suitable for use on Shared Service.

Secrecy LED will only light up in handset mode.

There is no provision for memory back-up batteries in Vanguard 10E telephones, saved/last number memory cannot be guaranteed if the telephone is removed from line for more than 5 minutes although in practice memory may last for several hours on these telephones.

Signalling details:

  • MF signalling - continuous tone whilst button is pressed (see note).
  • Timed break recall - approximately 90 ms.
  • Earth recall - when the recall button is pressed there is a pause of 800 ms, then approximately 800mS recall and finally a 800mS pause.

Note. The method of 'continuous' MF signals whilst the button is pressed way cause 'double access signal' problems on Pentara switches. This can be overcome by storing the access digit in a memory. Which will then give a timed digit duration of approx. 100mS.

PBX Interworking
As some facilities will not operate effectively with a 2 + 8 or Renown PBX's it is recommended that Vanguard 10E is not installed.


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Last revised: October 30, 2022