Combined table handset telephone, introduced in 1953 and used by the BPO in Automatic areas on shared service (separate metering) extension plans.

The phone incorporated a Thermistor (to stop bell tinkle on Party Lines).  The introduction of the Thermistor made the Bellset No. 41A and Telephone No. 308 redundant.

The telephone has provision in the Bakelite case moulding for 3 press buttons.

The above picture shows a telephone with the 3 button holes populated.  There was a range of labels to choose from and the switch unit, that these buttons would have operated, was supplied separately to the telephone.  Unused button holes were fitted with a chrome blank.  Please follow the Keys link below, for further information.

Mark 2 - has a Receiver, Inset No. 2P in the handset and switch bracket with plungers of the early type.
Mark 2A - has a Receiver, Inset No. 2P in the handset and switch bracket with plungers of an improved design.

Available in Black, Jade green, Chinese red and Ivory.

Telephone includes (1956):-
1 x Bell No. 59A, Unmounted.
1 x Bell-gongs No. 2.
1 x Bell-gongs No. 2A, nickelled.
1 x Capacitor, M.C. No. 97.
1 x Coil, Induction No. 27.
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 5/28E, 5".
1 x Dial, Automatic No. 12 ...
1 x Part 3/SCA/20, Colour ...
1 x Rectifier-Element No. 1/12A.
1 x Telephone, No. 164, Colour ....
1 x Thermistor No. 1AN.
1 x Tray, D 62076, Colour ....

To be requisitioned separately as required:-
1 x Block, Terminal No. 20/.. Colour ....
1 x Label No. 252 ....
1 x Key No. 304B.
1 x Label No. 160...
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 3/62B, Colour .... 54".

Diagram for telephone circuit - N414.

Diagram for Button labels - N620.

Drawing No. 63022 - Telephone components parts.
Drawing No. 63023 - Chassis components.
Drawing No. 63250 - Chassis components (improved switch hook buttons).
Drawing No. 90319 - Telephone parts (Mk 3A).
Drawing No. 90373 - Chassis components (improved switch hook buttons).
Drawing No. SBA12 - 300 type base plate.
Drawing No. SCA17 - 300 type complete case.
Drwaing No. SCA20 - 300 type case.
Drawing No. SCA47 - 300 type complete case (improved switch hook buttons).

ATM produced some of these telephone - their product number - L11579B1.

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Dismantling the Handset

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Keys for use in 300 type wall and table telephones

Lamp Fittings

Labels that fit in the sliding tray

General fault finding on your phone

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Comparison chart of GPO 300 type telephones

The picture below is of a Telephone No. 314 in clear material.  These were usually for marketing purposes and made as required.  These are very rare.


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