Bakelite table telephone introduced in 1936 and used with a  Bellset No. 36 on BCC No. 14D and BCC No. 14E in UAX No's 5 & 6 areas (Automatic).

Fitted with Dial, Automatic, No. 11 or 22 and did not have a base fitted when supplied from the stores.

The Bellset contained the Induction Coil, Capacitor and Bell Ringer.

See also Telephone No. 238 for Automatic and C.B. Manual circuits.

There was a Mark 1 and Mark 2.  The difference was that the Mark 1 used a Telephone No. 164 (Mk 1) whilst the Mark 2 used a Telephone No. 164 (Mk 2).

Telephone includes (1946):-
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 6/13E, 8".
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 8/05M, 30".
1 x Dial, Automatic S.S., No. 11FA (1946) or Dial, Auto, No 13FA (1956).
1 x Part No. 1/SCR/1 Black.
1 x Part No. 2/SCU/1.
1 x Part No. 1/SPL/321 Black.
1 x Part No. 3/SSP/513.
2 x Part No. 1/SWA/72.
1 x Telephone No. 164, Black, with Cord 3/63KB, 33".

To be requisitioned separately when required:-
1 x Base, Telephone No. 1/162, Black [when used with a Bracket, Telephone, No. 14, Black, or with handset telephone (requiring separate bell-set) and a coin box].
1 x Bell-set No. 36.
1 x Cord, Instrument No. 8/06B, Brown, 54".
1 x Label No. 160 ...
1 x Part No. 1/SBA/1 (when used with Wallboard, D 60577).
1 x Part No. 1/SBA/2 (when used with Bracket, Telephone, No. 12).

Circuit Diagram - N342.

Drawings - 9510 (Mk 1) and 62853 (Mk 2 &3).

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