CB, adjustable table telephone.

The telephone comprises of dial, switch hooks and handset holder.

Made by the Western Electric Co (model 4005).

Used with Bellset No. 1.

A C.B. version of this telephone was tested by the BPO in 1915 and the dial variant probably introduced around 1920.

Telephone includes (1928):-
1 x Connection, mouthpiece, No. 5.
1 x Cord, instrument, No. 342.
1 x Earpiece No. 2.
1 x Mouthpiece No. 12.
1 x Transmitter, inset, No. 1.

To be requisitioned separately :-
1 x Suspender, micro-telephone, No. 2, or
1 x Stand, table, for Telephone No. 78.

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Last revised: June 03, 2020