Standard Local Battery wall telephone - similar to Tele No. 3 and used on Magneto or C.B.S. circuits.

Wooden cased with generator and sloping writing shelf.

Fitted with Transmitter No. 6 on early types, then Transmitter No. 2 and finally Transmitter No. 22 on later variants.

Telephone includes (1928):-
1 x Bell No. 1A, unmounted. (Earlier types had Bell No. 9A).
1 x Coil, induction, No. 1, or No. 12.
4 x Cords, instrument, No. 116.
1 x Cord, instrument, No. 222.
1 x Frame, notice, No. 1. (Earlier types had Frame, notice, No. 2, and Labels No. 530).
1 x Generator No. 40. (Earlier types had Generator No. 2A).
1 x Glass No. 3.
1 x Hook, receiver, F.
1 x Receiver, Bell, No. 1A.
1 x Transmitter No. 2. (Earlier type had Transmitter No. 6).
4 x Fixing screws.

Frames, notice, No. 2, and Labels No. 53C, will not be maintained in the old type of these instruments.

Telephone included (1946):-
1 x Bell No. 1A, Unmounted.
1 x Frame, Notice, No. 1 (No. 9A for earlier supplies).
1 x Generator, No. 4C (No. 2A for earlier supplies).
1 x each Bell-gongs Nos. 2 & 2A.
1 x Glass No. 3.
1 x Coil, Induction, No. 1, or 12.
1 x Hook, Receiver, F.
1 x Receiver, Bell, No. 1A.
4 x Cords, Inst., No. 1/16E, Black, 12".
4 x Screws for fixing.
1 x Switch, Receiver, No. 3.
1 x Cord, Inst., No. 2/22B, Brown, 33".
1 x Transmitter. No. 22 (No.2  for earlier supplies)
1 x Desk No.4, minus backboard.

To be requisitioned separately as required:-
1 x Label No. 78.
1 x Condenser, M.C., No. 102.

Made by Ericsson - Model  No's  AB 517 & N20142

Drawing No. 8830

Circuit diagram - N111.

Additional good quality pictures of the new style set (Mark 238)

Adjustment of Magneto bells

How to convert to Plug and Socket

See also the Telephone Efficiency Committees Report on Local Battery Area telephones.


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