Circa 1926 the General Electric Company (GEC ) took over the whole of the manufacture and sale of domestic telephones of the Sterling Telephone and Electric Co. Ltd.

Certain products formerly listed by the Sterling company were still produced and listed in the GEC Everything Electrical Catalogue.

Sterling - GEC conversion table
The original Sterling "U" code was then transferred to the GEC "K" code.
The following table is a conversion from the U code to the K code (1935 list).

Sterling Code Number GEC Code Number
U61 K7730
U66 K7740
U71 K7741
U75 K7735
U95 K7766
U105 K7790
U115 K7746
U125 K7750
U132 K7796
U205 K7820
U292 K7847
U305 K7851
U320 K8005
U410 K7867
U424 K7864
U425 K7863
U427 K7888
U500 K7953
U510 K7967

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Last revised: April 27, 2021