The 4313-A telephone set is a robust powerful and compact portable magneto telephone set specially designed for use in the field as a linemanís testing set or a temporary station.  It is suitable for use in tropical climates.

The cover is constructed of light gauge steel partly pressed and partly fabricated by welding and gives ample protection against rough usage and weather.  The various parts are thoroughly cleaned by shot blast, rust proofed and finally treated with a hard-baked synthetic stove enamel.  A strong woven fabric shoulder strap provided with adjustable buckle fastenings and loops for carrying an earth spike is attached to the case by swivel links.

The microtelephone, cord and plug, when not in use fit underneath the lid.  The generator handle can be turned down at right angles and stowed in a special projection in the lid and held in position by a spring loaded slide on the crank.  The microtelephone has a press key for closing the battery circuit and it is important to remove the plug from the jack before packing up in order to prevent battery leakage.  The batteries are housed in a special compartment in the centre of the case.

The main apparatus comprises a microtelephone, an Alnico magneto generator, a 1,000 ohms ringer, an anti-side tone induction coil and two inert cells.

Dimensions - 11in x 5.5in x 5in (27.94.x 13.97 x 12.7cm)
Weight - 9.75lb

Taken from:-
STC Apparatus Catalogue for Telephone, Remote Control and Railway Signalling Catalogue, Edition 5 (1952)

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Last revised: October 30, 2020