Sopho K8 (K308)
A 3+8 system, using dedicated terminals or POTs.

Sopho K12 (K512)
A 5+12 system, using dedicated terminals or POTs.

Sopho K24 (K824)
A 8+24 system, using dedicated terminals or POTs.

Sopho Terminal 8
Standard terminal for Sopho 8 & 16 systems.

Sopho Terminal 16
Standard terminal for Sopho 24 systems.

Deluxe Terminal
As Terminal 16 but with LCD and full hands free.

Sopho K3 Terminal
Basic terminal offering access to all the system features.  No line status indicators or direct line selection.  Will work with all the systems mentioned above (Sopho K8 & 16 will need an optional software upgrade).

An MDF is required for all these systems.

The Philips KBX 10 SL8 terminal cannot be used on these systems.

The Sopho K family of Key Telephone Systems was designed and manufactured by Philips to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.  The systems are simple to use, easy to install and offer a very comprehensive range of features not always found on even the most modern of systems.

Standard system capacities are:-

System Exchange Lines Extensions

Sopho K 308 (K8)

3 8
Sopho K 512 (K12) 5 12
Sopho K 824 (K24) 8 24

These systems are supported by the following four terminals:

k160.jpg (50614 bytes)The K160 (Standard) has four function buttons: Hold, Transmit, Program and Recall.  It is wall mountable, has a keypad memory of 10 external numbers and a sounder volume and pitch control.

k260.JPG (69920 bytes)The K 260 (Standard 8) has all the features of the K160 plus 8 facility buttons with LEDs, allowing two levels of programming.  Three of these buttons have fixed facilities: Monitor, Do not Disturb, External Sounder On / Off.

k261.JPG (67098 bytes)The Sopho Set K 261 (Standard 16) has all the features of the K 260 but has and additional 8 (total 16) facility buttons.

k365.JPG (78127 bytes)The Sopho Set K365 (Executive Deluxe) has all the features of the K 261 plus a 16 digit, Alpha-numeric, Liquid Crystal Display, allows hands-free speech, and allows 13 different preset messages to be sent to other K365 users.

The following options are available:

The Analogue Peripheral Interface (API) allows connection of any combination of two of the following devices...FAX machine, Answering Machine, Modem.

The 2-wire Interface allows full featured access to any 2-wire device.  It is normally used to connect a cordless telephone set.  Be aware that very early Sopho-K systems were not compatible with the 2-wire interface. 

The Direct Station Select (DSS) Module (Sopho K824 only) shows the status of all extensions and allows single button access.  Only one DSS is allowed per Sopho K824.  These devices are supplied with a simple bracket and screws for connection to a K365 terminal.  The DSS takes up one of the extension ports so if one is fitted only 23 terminals can be connected to a Sopho K824.

The External Music On Hold provides a DIN socket for connection of an external music source such as a CD or MPEG player.  This allows a caller to listen to music or company messages while on HOLD.

The Call Management Package allows connection of a printer for Call Logging.  Call Data can be stored or summarised.  It also allows for call restriction based on various classes of service.

Feature Codes

Internal Call Pick-Up - If an unattended terminal is being rung by another extension, any extension may answer the call by lifting the handset and keying *8

Call Back on Busy- If calling an extension that is busy, when you hear busy tone simply key *5 and hang up.  The called extension's MONITOR LAMP will flash rapidly.  When the called extension goes on-hook, your terminal will ring.  On going off-hook the called extension will receive internal ringing tone.

Call Back ON No Replay- On calling an extension that is not answering, simply key *5, you will hear internal dial tone and then you should replace the handset.  The called extension's MONITOR LAMP will flash rapidly.  When the called extension goes on-hook, your terminal will ring.  On going off-hook the called extension will receive internal ringing tone.

INTRUDE- When a a busy extension is dialled, key *4.  This will give the called extension a burst WARN TONE to let him / her know that you are waiting.  If the called extension does not clear down within fifteen seconds then internal dial tone will be heard.  Simply replace the handset and the call will be treated as a Call Bank on Busy.

RESPONDING TO AN INTRUDE- If you are on a conversation and hear the warn tone, you can finish the call and replace the handset.  The terminal will then ring and when picked up will connect to the person that activated the warn tone.

DIRECT STATION SELECT- allows you to store extension numbers under any spare number store or facility button.  Lift the handset, wait for internal dial tone, press and hold down the program button, press selected DSS button, key terminal number to be stored, release program button and replace handset.  If you want to erase the stored number you press and hold down the PROGRAM button, press the selected DSS button and release the PROGRAM button.

LAST NUMBER REDIAL- Press the line button and press the transmit button twice to call the last number dialled.

INTERCOM- Any K365 terminal can converse with another K365 by activating the target terminals loudspeaker.  Press monitor, wait for internal dial tone, key *3, key extension number and speak towards the terminal.  This feature is also available to K260 and K261 terminal but instead of speaking towards the terminal you have to lift the handset.  The feature will not work if the target extension is a K160 or has do not disturb or divert activated.

PAGING- Extension ten can speak to all extensions in the page group.  Go off hook, press *1, and make announcement.  All terminals in the group (can be all terminals) will receive a 1 second burst of ringing before the announcement.

DIVERT- To divert calls to another extension, lift handset, Key *2, key nominated extension number, special tone is returned, replace handset. To cancel divert, left handset, key #2, replace handset.

Conference- To set up a conference, put the terminals external number on exclusive hold, key extension number, speak, press 3...your external party, you and the other extension will all be in conference.

K Series Socket Wiring

LJU 2/3A Wire colour MDF termination
2 Blue/White 2
3 Orange/White 4
4 White/Orange 3
5 White/Blue 1


System picture courtesy of Rocom Ltd



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