Coin boxes installed inside buildings generally suffer from interference from back ground noise.  In these cases the coin boxes were installed in silence cabinets, which were effectively kiosks and can still be found in railway stations, hotel lobbies and old factories.  Whilst the BPO supplied many silence cabinets some were provided privately and could be of any design and material. 

For the privately supplied cabinets the building owner was responsible for the installation and maintenance, whilst the BPO supplied and maintained the coin boxes and telephone equipment.

Later in the 20th century coin boxes were placed in open areas and open cubicles.  This was a sign of the times, as the closed cabinets were seen as old and stuffy.  But the open ones were difficult to vandalise and easy to clean.

Closed Cabinets


Attended Cabinets in Piccadilly Underground Station (Picture dated1948)


Attended Cabinets in Piccadilly Underground Station - Attendants office


Open Cubicles

Open Call Office in London, Heathrow Airport (September 1958)




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