No. 154K

Weatherproof, in cast- iron case suitable for Traction Routes, Police Services, Ambulance Calls, etc. Comprising anti-sidetone induction coil (ASTIC), “Neophone” hand microtelephone with interchangeable high-efficiency inset transmitter and hardwearing waterproof tough rubber sheathed cord. Includes 1600 ohms polarised ringer with two 3” (76mm) diameter gongs, and hand generator fined with “Alnico” magnet. Complete with two dry or inert cells. Padlock is not included.

Height: 15.6 (397mm)
Width: 13.8 (352mm)
Depth: 12.75 (324mm)
Weight: 92 lbs (41.3kg)

Suitable for use in pairs on long lines and for connecting a number of instruments to one line, calling individual stations by code ringing. Also for use with magneto switchboards, etc.
In comparison with earlier types of magneto telephones they are small and light, this being made possible by the use of a small but powerful generator embodying a magnet made of magnetic alloy, aluminium nickel-cobalt known as "Alnico".

These telephones con be modified for selective ringing by the addition of a key; providing single generator earth ringing facility as well as normal generator ringing, as used by Electricity Supply Authorities, etc., for sub-station communications. Further particulars supplied on request.

From SIEMENS BROTHERS & CO. LIMITED catalogue No. 500/54


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Last revised: June 18, 2011