This Siemens Brothers 83/91 set is based on the standard pyramid style with a Bellset added underneath.  The phone is generally based on the BPO Telephone No. 162.  One of the main differences between this set and the BPO 162 is that the diagram label is mounted on the transformer coil.

The Bellset is different to the GPO variant as it has a hole in the side of the cover.  This allows for internal connection, whereas the GPO variant had a small cable joining the phone to the Bellset externally.  There is also no drawer under the Bellset and the feet are attached directly.

The model 83/91 phone below was made for the UK market.
The No.10 dial is marked S-32, as is the transformer.
The dial also has a small label holder as used on the No. 8 dial.
The red component above wired on terminals 5 and 6 is not an original fitting
The model No. 83 telephone shown below was supplied to the Manitoba Telephone System of Canada and has a date of 1941 on the capacitor.
External View
Telephone split from Bellset

Telephone No. 91 component parts

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Last revised: July 30, 2019