Siemens & Halske W36 telephone

This phone, developed in the 1930's and introduced at the Liepzig Trade Fair in 1936 was supposed to be the standard German Post Office (Reichspost) set.  The phone did not meet specification of the Reichspost and was used by Siemens on PAX systems.  The case and handset are made of Bakelite.  The digits 36 in the designation W36 refers to the year of introduction, 1938.  The W38 was a development of this telephone.


PAX systems.


Further advantages of the Model 36 (from sales leaflet)

Optimised handset
The shape of the new telephone handset was developed as a result thousands of head measurements. Microphone and telephone are positioned optimally between the mouth and ear. The new telephone handset was shortened somewhat and has a greater curvature. The handle is triangular in section and sits comfortably in the hand. This new design gives no user fatigue, even in long conversations.

New cradle rest and dial
The cradle rest improves reliable operation by positively guiding the handset into place. The dial is angled at a steeper angle for increased comfort and improved legibility of the numbers.

Good Stability
Excellent stability even on smooth surfaces, is achieved by a good weight distribution and the positioning of the rubber feet.

Modern Accessories
On request we can supply the new telephone with a flexible cord, which is only half the normal length but readily stretches to twice its initial length.

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How to wire a W36 to work on the UK plug and Socket system

  1. Remove the original line cord.

  2. Connect white of the new line cord to terminal b.

  3. Connect red of the new line cord to terminal a.

  4. On one tag of the capacitor locate the white wire - disconnect and insulate this wire.

  5. Locate on the other tag of the capacitor a green wire - disconnect just this wire and connect to one end of a 3.3k resistor.

  6. The other end of the resistor connects onto the capacitor terminal, where the green wire was removed.

  7. Connect the blue of the new line cord to the same tag of the capacitor where the new resistor is connected.  This tag is becoming a little crowded so it may be better to connect a piece of wire to the tag and then connect the other end to the blue of the line cord and the resistor.

These phones are not approved and should not be connected to any public network


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Last revised: November 27, 2022